The KE00300 multifunctional UV Light Box

Keystone’s KE00300 multifunctional UV Light Box – a valuable aid in sterilizing Smartphones.

Covid19 Multifunctional UV Light Sterilizer Box

In 2012 the University of Arizona published a rather disturbing study revealing that phones (and smartphones in particular) can carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats!

A more recent report in October of this year from researchers at Australia’s National Science Agency concluded that Covid-19 can remain infectious on phone screens for up to 28 days, compared to previous studies that had suggested it could only survive between two and three days on glass and up to six days on plastic.

However, a 2017 study from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found that UV light was the most effective way to sanitise 100 per cent of bacteria on a smartphone, beating a 70 per cent ethanol spray, a disinfectant spray, germicidal wipes and baby wipes.

To use the KE00300 UV Light Sterilizer box, you simply place your phone into the Box, press the “Sterilize” Button and 5 minutes later, the disinfection process is completed. A simple aid to help keep you safe during these worrying times.