Benefit from Full Control with the AD06 GSM Auto Dialer

GSM Auto Dialer
AD06 GSM Auto Dialer

Our AD06 GSM Voice and Text Auto Dialer offers the perfect solution to any GSM notification requirements you may have. Equipped with a comprehensive range of features which give you complete local and remote control over the device, the AD06 delivers a reliable and highly functional response experience for a range of alarm and monitoring systems.

The 6 inputs allow for connections to many system types including:

  • Alarm Control Panels
  • Nurse Call Devices
  • Flood Sensors
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • All other multi-channel Warning Systems

The ability to control the device both locally and remotely offers users high levels of accessibility and convenience. A keypad and LCD display, which supports 8 different languages, allows local access, whilst our free iOS and Android apps enable you to program and initiate certain actions remotely.

Each trigger input can have up to 9 different phone numbers programmed in to receive notifications. You can choose whether these notifications are delivered as a voice message, SMS, or both. If you don’t want every number to be contacted the AD06 also features the option to specify which ones receive notifications, giving full control over the system response.

AD06 GSM Auto Dialer

With a whole host of other fantastic features including built in microphone and siren, the ability to access time and date-stamped record of the previous 50 events, a tamper switch, and a back-up power source, the AD06 GSM auto dialer offers a GSM notification system that is second to none.

Visit the AD06 GSM auto dialer product page for more information. To download the app please visit the iOS App Store or Google Play store, depending on the type of device you have, or simply scan the QR code below.

Our AD06 Auto Dialer currently has 2G and 3G versions available, however, our brand new 4G GSM auto dialer will be available very soon – keep an eye on the latest news section on our website and follow us on our social media channels for further announcements on this product.

The AD06 GSM Auto Dialer

AD06 GSM Auto Dialer
AD06 GSM Auto Dialer

GSM Auto dialers are a versatile product that provide a complete solution to all your GSM (Global System for Mobiles) notification needs. Our AD06 has 6 inputs that allows connection to alarm/control panels, nurse call devices, flood sensors, environmental monitoring systems and they can also be used as a standalone unit with a 12V, 1A regulated power supply unit. Programming is easy to do via the built in keypad or remotely using our free iOS or Android app.

The advanced features of the AD06 GSM auto dialer includes:

  • The ability to select one of 8 different languages for the LCD display
  • A false alarm prevention feature that allows you to select whether the Trigger Inputs are instant or “double knock”
  • The ability to select whether an SMS is sent on input power failure
  • The ability to dial-in to the dialer and check the signal strength
  • The ability to dial-in to the dialer and listen in
  • The ability to select whether keypad strokes are audible or silent



For more details visit our AD06 GSM auto dialer product page or contact us directly.