The KE00100 is a portable UV Light Wand that sterilizes objects over which it is passed.

UV light is a proven way to help eliminate dangerous bacteria and viruses in water, air and on surfaces. It achieves this because of its extra-short wavelengths and enough energy to alter the DNA and RNA of organic cells, which stops them from reproducing.

UV technology therefore makes disinfection easy and inexpensive. It’s also non-toxic. Unlike harsh chemicals that are sometimes used in cleaning and sanitization products, UV light is environmentally friendly. UV light disinfection is a physical process, not a chemical one.

Product Code: KE00100  


KE00100 Sterilization Lamp


KE00100 Sterilization Wand datasheet KE00100 Datasheet


KE00100 Sterilization Wand datasheet KE00100 Manual




Uses invisible Ultraviolet Light to kill the genetic material in bacteria and viruses

Pass the UV Light Wand over an object for 10-15 seconds to sterilize it

Ideal for sterilizing Keyboards, Tablet PCs, Mobile Phones, Table-Tops, Toilet Seats, Doorknobs, Cutting Boards, Kitchen Utensils and other similar objects

Compact and totally portable

Power: 4 x AAA Batteries (standard or rechargeable)

Rated Power: 2W

Battery Life: 1 – 2 Hours (usage dependant)

Working Environment: 0 – 60°C

Dimensions: 250 x 35 x 17mm

Highly functional – multiple purpose

CE and RoHS approvals